This page has links to some interesting and useful websites around the internet.

“Sultan Ali Adil Shah II Hunting a Tiger” (c. 1660)

  • Rekhta: the largest online collection of Urdu poetry and literature, with a comprehensive Urdu-English dictionary
  • Academy of Punjab in North America: a collection of Punjabi literature and music, as well as articles about the region
  • Ballandalus: a blog about medieval and early modern Islamic history, especially involving Iberia and North Africa
  • Himal Southasian: an independent magazine reviewing South Asian politics and culture
  • The 1947 Partition Archive: a collection of interviews of people who experienced and survived the Partition of India
  • HathiTrust: a vast library with millions of digitized texts, including books published hundreds of years ago
  • Omniglot: an online encyclopedia of the world’s languages and writing systems
  • The Kabir Project: an initiative at the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology exploring South Asian spiritual/folk music
  • South Asian Voices: an online platform for strategic analysis by Indian and Pakistani scholars, managed by the Stimson Center
  • The Monkey Cage: a blog on the Washington Post about politics, with research-based analysis

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